Auto Shocker ™ - Bio-Shock™ Your Car and Get Rid of Odors for good!©
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Biocide Systems ClO2 Odor Eliminator
Get rid of car odors permanently!
Removing odors in automobiles has never been so easy!
Have a car odor problem don’t fret!
Bio-Shock™ odors away!©
Wither your dealing with car interior odors caused by pet odor or car odors caused by cigarette smoke
Auto Shocker is guaranteed to get rid of the car odor with ease.
car interior cigarette smoke odors is some of toughest odors to get rid of. It penetrates into all porous materials and over time can cause permanent damage to the car and to your health.
The reason Auto Shocker is so effective at removing
car interior cigarette smoke odors is that when activated it releases Chlorine Dioxide gas . The ClO2 gas can penetrate everywhere the cigarette smoke has gone. It will penetrate the liner, seats, carpet, glove compartment and even the air ducts in the air-conditioning systems. The ClO2 gas will effectively eliminate the odors traped  deep within the fabrics of the car without causing any damage or leaving any residue behind. Simply leaving your car completely  odor free!
It’s just as effective at removing  spoiled milk odors, pet odors, even skunk odor!