Auto Shocker ™ - Bio-Shock™ Your Car and Get Rid of Odors for good!©
ClO2 Car Odor Eliminator
 for car interior odors
Removes car odors fast, easy, and safely !
Auto Shocker Single Packet
Auto Shocker car odor eliminator
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Auto Shocker  Bundles
Auto Shocker Bundles
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Auto Shocker 10 pack  savings!
Auto Shocker ClO2 car odor eliminator
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Auto Shocker
Exclusively using ClO2-DMG Technology™
Maximum Strength  Odor Elimination
Pre-Owned. Auto Rental. Auto Detail.
Tour & Charter. Fleet. Recondition. Collision
 eliminates odors caused by:
Cigarette Smoke . Pets.   Paint . Spoiled food . Vomit . Urine.
Or any other Organic and or Chemical Compounds.
 Deodorize any car interior up to 300 cubic ft.
Not a masking agent- will Bio-Shock™ and destroy odor permanently.
Fast Acting - will completely eliminate odors in as little as 4 hours and a maximum of 12 hours depending on severity.
Safe for all automotive interiors.
Easy to use - Simply shake add water and walk away.
Requires no hazardous material safety equipment.
Non Toxic - Leaves no harmful residue to clean up and is non- carcinogenic.
Cost effective - Non labor intensive, reducing man-hours and bottom line.
Stronger and safer than ozone machines or any other odor elimination product on the market today.
Eco-friendly - Non-aerosol and 100%
biodegradable and releases no VOCs or
carcinogens into our environment.
Made in the USA
Commercial . Institutional . Industrial
Bioshocker Products™
Chlorine Dioxide Delivery Systems for Severe Order Management.
Removing odors hasnever been so easy!