Auto Shocker ™ - Bio-Shock™ Your Car and Get Rid of Odors for good!©
 Welcome to the home of the first
"ClO2 car interior odor eliminator"
designed specifically for the automotive industry.
If you are looking for a solution to get rid of unhealthy severe car interior odors then you have come to the right place.
 Auto Shocker ™ doesn’t mask car interior odors, it safely and very effectively Bio-Shocks™ the interior of the automobile, hygienically removing the unhealthy odors permanently.
We guarantee that Auto Shocker ™will easily and effectively eliminate the most stubborn car interior odors or your money back!
Yes that  includes cigarette smoke odors!
 The reason we can stand behind this claim is due to the fact the we are the only automotive odor eliminating  product on the market with an exclusive to use the revolutionary ClO2-DMG Technology™ developed and manufactured by CLOO Labs™ .
ClO2 -DMG Technology™ (or Chlorine Dioxide Disposable Micro Generator) is a proprietary delivery system for Chlorine Dioxide.
Chlorine Dioxide also known as ClO2  is arguably the strongest yet very safe and effective biocide that has been around for 75 years. It’s used in industrial facilities and water treatment plants dealing with harsh unhealthy odors caused  by bacteria, mold and other organic and chemical compounds.
  Up until now Chlorine Dioxide has been cost prohibitive and not available to consumers or
 the automotive industry.
Now with this new technology that harnesses and delivers the power of Chlorine Dioxide anyone can afford to Bio-Shock™ there car and eliminate everything from cigarette  smoke odors to Spoiled Milk odors. Our product will even get rid of mold odor and mildew odors. Cars with Pet odors are no longer a problem.
Nothing is more effective than Chlorine Dioxide at removing car odors in a safe and efficient manner!
Auto Shocker ™ was specifically developed for removing odors in automobiles and is very safe for any type of car interior with an odor problem.
Auto Shocker ™is so easy to use even your Grandmother can Bio-Shock™ a car and get the stink out!
Unlike Ozone machines Auto Shocker™ dos not release any carcinogens /VOC into our atmosphere and brakes down to saline.
Auto Shocker™is 100% made in the USA and is 100% bio degradable.
Auto Shocker™is an amazing American ecofriendly product that we are very proud to stand behind!