Marine Shocker Quick Release Promotion Pricing!


Whether you’re prepping your RV for summer trips, or cleaning up after a long weekend of camping, RV Shocker has the power to eliminate any tough lingering odors and leave your Recreational Vehicle smelling fresh and clean!


Marine Shocker uses exclusive ClO2-DMG Technology™ to provide maximum strength  odor elimination, deodorizing one boat interior up to 400 sq/ft. With our patented quick release system, Marine Shocker will completely eliminate odors in as little as 4 hours and a maximum of 12 hours depending on odor type. This product safe for all RV interior types.


Our revolutionary Marine Shocker Quick Release system is a single-use packet that delivers the most effective chemical deodorizer (Chlorine Dioxide) to safely neutralize and eliminate even the worst smells in your vehicle. ClO2 vapors will permeate all odor holding surfaces such as the headliner, visors, seat cushions, glove compartment, and carpet. It will even clear out your HV/AC unit of stale, musty mildew odors. This product is good for any marine vessel up to 400 sq/ft.

Make sure to closely follow instructions (aslo included with the system) for best results:



You must use Marine Shocker in the shade or out of sunlight. ClO2 degrades very quickly in sunlight — one reason why it is so environmentally friendly.


Make sure that your vessel interior is clean, removing all dirt, debris and other trash. Also remember to remove floor mats, put your visor at half-mast, open console and glove compartment, etc. It’s very important that all surfaces in the vehicle are unobstructed, so that the ClO2 is able to absorb and elimate odors where they live.


Follow the directions on the packet, and ensure at all times that both people and pets stay away from exposure to the activated product, which takes the form of gas. It is non-toxic and very safe when used as directed, but it is an irritant.


After using and disposing of the system according to the directions, you’ll need to ventilate your boat. Open windows and doors to let the car air out. There will be a slight chlorine scent that will fade quickly depending on how much sunlight and ventilation your car is exposed to.

Additional information

Weight 3.0000 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
100% Guarantee

We are 100% dedicated your satisfaction with your purchase and want your experience with our products to be as successful as possible. However, the internet being what it is (the wild west for people


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