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admin August 18, 2018

How will Auto Shocker change the way you clean your car?

The idea for Biocide Systems Auto Shocker line was born from a simple, but timeless problem: how do we get stubborn, pungent, and honestly just plain gross smells out of our cars, trucks, SUVs and even our RVs?

Like most people, everyone on our team struggled with keeping their vehicles clean and odor free, usually reaching to masking products like sprays, and surface cleaning agents like wipes and liquid solutions. And of course, these products would work temporarily, but because they weren’t actually reaching smells where they live, whatever stench life brought on, really stuck around.

How will Auto Shocker change the way you clean your car?

CLO2-DMG Technology

When we first found out about Chlorine Dioxide, it was like a light bulb went off over our heads! Various industries have already used CLO2 as a disinfectant for decades, and because of it’s gaseous, quick acting properties, we thought, “Why not use this for homes and vehicles too?”

How it works is, CLO2 is a gas that can actually penetrate porous surfaces and effectively oxidizes stubborn smells, unlike other products, which just sit on surfaces to cover their odors. Positively charged CLO2 molecules are attracted to the negatively charged odor molecules like a magnet is to iron, literally seeking them out and destroying them like a smart bomb.

How will Auto Shocker change the way you clean your car?

Don’t just settle for stubborn smells

Being a company based in Los Angeles, California, we know how important a car can be in your life. Between work, school, kids, pets, sports, camping, road trips, and whatever else your vehicle handles on a daily basis, things can start to get stale and musty real fast. With Auto Shocker you can safely and effectively eliminate all the odors stuck in your vehicle interior, and get back to enjoying drives, instead of asking yourself what that smell is. Auto Shocker is easily integrated into your regular car cleaning routine — easily done in the evening once you’ve parked your car in the garage for the night and have prepared the vehicle for system usage. By the morning you can have your car odor-free and ready to take on more of life’s surprises.

Don’t just settle for masking awful smells in your car, test out the maximum strength odor eliminating power of Auto Shocker, and discover what thousands of satisfied customers already know!

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